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KAJIKEN is Japan’s No.1 Mazesoba brand and KAJIKEN Singapore is the first shop dedicated to Mazesoba in Singapore. Mazesoba may be explained as ramen noodles without soup, Japanese dry ramen or Japanese gan mian.

Eating Mazesoba is not difficult once you experience it. In Japanese, “Maze” means “to mix”, and “soba” means “noodles”. Therefore, the point is to “mix the noodles”! Mix hot noodles with special sauce and oil hidden in the bottom of your bowl, adding vinegar and chili oil as you like. Enjoy the exquisite harmony of our noodles and our top-secret sauce.

“Noodles” carefully chosen by owner

Since Mazesoba does not have soup, the taste of noodles stands out more than ordinary ramen. That is why we took long time and effort to find the best noodle for our Mazesoba.
Our delicious noodles with scent of wheat are served at its best, made with care everyday adjusting to each season’s conditions. Taste our noodles, the specialty of KAJIKEN.

Our ingenious top-secret saucemade with secretly reserved recipe

KAJIKEN’s mazesoba sauce is mixed in an exquisite balance to bring out rich flavor and umami.
Even though it is oil, its taste is not too heavy at all. At the same time, you will be amazed by its rich flavor. Mazesoba is never complete without the balance of sauce and oil. Add vinegar and chili oil right before you eat, mix well, and experience the perfect combination of “noodles, sauce, oil, chili-oil, vinegar”.

How to eat Mazesoba!“20 seconds rule”

1. Mix the ingredients for 20 seconds.
2. Want more kick? Add vinegar or chili oil!
3. Finish eating? Ask “OIMESHI!” to our staff! We will give you a small portion of rice to mix with the remaining sauce!



KAJIKEN Singapore

  • 1 Tras link #01-03, Orchid Hotel, Singapore, 078867
  • Daily 11:30〜21:30
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  • Mon-Thu,Sat 11:30-15:00(LO14:50) / 17:30-22:30(LO22:00) Fri 11:30-15:00(LO14:50) / 17:30-23:00(LO22:30) Closed on Sun & PH
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